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What is Miiskin?

Miiskin is the first AI-powered, skin health app that helps people track their skin and moles over time for early detection of changes. Early detection of changes to existing moles and the appearance of new marks or moles can be an early warning sign of skin cancer and should be discussed with a doctor without delay. This is especially important as most skin cancers can be successfully treated if caught early.


Exclusive corporate pricing

IASC provides exclusive corporate pricing to the Miiskin Premium service. With Miiskin Premium, your employees can keep track of an unlimited number of moles and skin spots and wide-area skin photos. Premium also provides access to two unique Miiskin features: Skin Mapping and Automatic Skin Imaging. Miiskin Premium is valid for 12 months with renewal discounts available.

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How it works

While it’s not a diagnostic program, the app is recommended by dermatologists and healthcare providers to help simplify skin self-examination through the taking of high-quality photos to monitor changes over time. Miiskin offers a direct way for your employees to provide their photographic information to their doctors when at an in-person or online consultation or between consultations if they spot a concerning change.

Premium Features

Mole Sizing

Track the size of your moles over time

Miiskin’s Mole Sizing feature lets you take photos for digital measurements and allows you to track the size of moles and skin lesions over time. Moles that grow and change over time are a common sign of skin cancer.


Automatic Skin Imaging:

Take full-body skin photos (front and back) on your own

Miiskin Premium’s Automatic Skin Imaging feature lets you take full-body images of yourself for easy side-by-side photo comparison over time. For security and privacy, photos are kept separate from your camera roll and protected with a four digit pin.


Skin Mapping:

Watch out for new moles and marks

Miiskin Premium also lets you keep track of wide areas of your skin. Access your photos on any large screen anywhere with Web Compare. Miiskin’s Skin Mapping (beta), accessed in Web Compare, automatically identifies the moles and marks on your skin that it can find. Keep an eye out for any new moles or spots – not least on the hard-to-see back.

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