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Despite being almost entirely preventable, skin cancer continues to affect at least two in every three Australians in their lifetime.  When it comes to the skin cancer, prevention is better than a cure.


Prevention is better than a cure

Australia has the highest incidence of melanoma in the world. Despite being almost entirely preventable, skin cancer continues to affect at least 2 of every 3 Australians in their lifetime.

As kids we are taught to 'slip, slop, slap, seek and slide' but not that much about the ABCDEs of skin cancer - a simple process that allows anyone to check their skin for the warning signs of skin cancer and is the clinical best practice used worldwide. When a doctor performs a skin check, they look at every lump, spot and mole on your entire body; areas of concern are assessed for signs of skin cancer using the ABCDE method of melanoma detection.


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Checking your skin is as easy as ABC...DE

The Skin Check Cards help you and your employees answer seven easy questions to assess a skin spot for signs of melanoma. By answering these simple questions, you've learned the "ABCDE" of skin cancer detection...simple right?

By getting to know the "ABCDE" method of skin cancer detection, you and your employees are better prepared to take immediate action should they notice any warning signs. Early detection saves lives.

Customise the Skin Check Cards with your brand

The Skin Check Tools & Cards can be customised with your logo, branding and unique health messaging, promoting your organisation's commitment to skin cancer awareness. Minimum order quantities apply


Track your skin spots with our app

Miiskin is the first AI-powered app to offer skin tracking using images of both individual moles and wider-body skin areas. Side-by-side photo comparisons, reminders for routine checks, and a wealth of information empower your employees to identify spots of concern to discuss with their doctors.

Early detection of changes to existing moles and the appearance of new marks or moles can be an early warning sign of skin cancer and should be discussed with a doctor without delay.

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The Skin Check Cards and App come with our free launch pack. Assets include tutorial videos, poster artwork and a PowerPoint presentation.  Run a highly visible skin cancer awareness campaign today.

Join these companies promoting skin cancer awareness across their workforce

"At Queensland Credit Union we handed out the Skin Cancer Awareness Tools as part of our overarching Health & Wellbeing program: Mind, Body and Soul.  The team here were very keen to try out the tool and see whether it really was as easy and effective to use as promised. The result was outstanding with some staff even detecting something of concern on their skin which prompted them to go and see their GP for further investigation"